Saturday, June 27, 2009

Flow of Lights

  • This is a 20by20inch comissioned piece for Lena as an exchange of energy for her EFT2/past life regression. "Flow of Lights" is a painting to bring forth healings in all areas and to harvest in abundance of life through her life purpose and in the middle top centre of the painting shows a young dragon (female) dancing away in the mist of the lights ...showers of white light flows into the ground where loving kindness is at play and fruits of berries are shown as abundance gathers around .
  • Guides as shown in silvery orbs and they are always in trios or pairs , showing and teaching us the balance of yin and yang and the power of 3, for physical,mental & spiritual . truly a show of guidance is in dance here .
PS: Lena, thank you so much for the wonderful light-hearted cool fun happy session earlier, i left with a happy blissful feelings ! ^__^

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And this is MY blog response to this painting. :)