Tuesday, December 16, 2014

中文版:what is an intuitive drawing session ? 什么是潛意識直觉画会谈?

中文版:what is an intuitive drawing session ? 什么是潛意識直觉画会谈?

在这短短的30分钟空间,Somethingmagickal 会和您有一对一的心灵沟通。坐在面前的您,可以问一问关于你想知道的事物,或者保持沉默或是说说关于自己的故事.

Somethingmagickal 会从您的潛意識中, 守護神者们还有您的天使守护者中找出答案,並且把它画成一张屬於你的潛意識直觉画 :)

謝謝你让SomethingMagickal 为您服务!我们期待您的光臨 :)

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Monday, June 16, 2014

For 2014 europe trip

This Year's Europe Trip, we are very pleased to bring these healing art works over for them to find their owners !

Each piece carries a different vibrational energies to help you work on yourself, your paths & there is only one of each in the world !!!

So do watch out for them wherever I am ^__~

If you have friends or loved ones whom might be interested in healing art works for their spaces/environments , do kindly share the post Thank You so much !

Thank You so much Universe !!!!

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

2014 SomethingMagickal Calendars

its been a wonderful journey for us to create this 2014 calendar !!
But due to small quantity of just 100 pieces, the production cost is high as well , so the final cost for our calendar is priced at Euros15 per calendar and international ...postage of 5euros .

For singapore local orders, it is at SG$25 each and postage at $8

这个是我们家SomethingMagickal所设计的2014桌上曰历,因为订单小所以陈本高!在最后的计算每本价格是NT600 而邮件费是NT200.喜欢的话可以订购哦!谢谢大家的喜爱!
^__~ Do catch them while its hot !!!
PS: To Order, please email us or visit us at Facebook : SomethingMagickal

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

on a free day , we set off early in the morning to this special forest , to just walk in nature and to relax all our senses ! (Austria )

Aromatic amulets

Whenever there is an opportunities while I'm traveling throughout Europe and the world, I asked for permissions from Mother Earth to harvest her wild herbs during moon cycles to create this series of amulets based on herbs, each unique one is to boost your spirits with rejuvenating herbs & essential oils , some are meant to soothe, to relax and to clear past tensions, to put your senses at ease ,so do watch out for them when I'm back in town !!! ^__^

Using wild herbs and essential oils to create aromatic amulets for this series